The most unnoticed parts sometimes make all of the difference in the world. On a bike, for instance, riders often think about the comfort of a leather bike seat, the convenience of bike toe clamps, or the bike bags that hold needed items while on a ride. The reality is, however, that it is often the 25.4 stem that connects the bike frame to the handle bars that is one of the most important parts of a bicycle. Steel track frames, for instance, that are not combined with the strongest 25.4 stem selection will not be effective in maintaining the stability of a bike.

Whether you are a bike rider who simply goes out on the trail with your family for once a week rides or you are a dedicated cyclist who rides miles a week on daily rides with a team of other cycling fans, it is important to have a strong and reliable bike to help you achieve your goals.

Finding the Right Bike Can Make a Serious Difference in the Amount of Distance You Travel

For both leisure and serious riders, the comfort of a bike is important. By finding the most comfortable seat, the most stable frame, and the right kind of tires, bike riders can create a bike that will be the most comfortable for the kind of rides that they most often take. Just as car drivers want to be able to select the features that they like the most in their vehicles, bike riders often like to do the same. In a time when there are more than 100 million bicycles are manufactured worldwide each year, every rider can find the perfect fit.

Consider some of these facts and figures about the bicycle industry and the impact that it has on both the health and economy of the nation:

  • Biking to work burns as much fat as spending 40 minutes at the gym five days a week, according to a 2017 study.
  • Numbering twice as many as motor vehicles, there are roughly one billion bicycles in the world.
  • 100 million bicycles are manufactured worldwide each year.
  • In addition to providing beneficial exercise, bicycles save more than 238 million gallons of gas every year.
  • Cycling lowers the risk of premature mortality up to 30%, according to a research conducted by Glenn Stewart at Brunel University in London. At the same time, it also lowers the risk of developing cardiorespiratory diseases by about 40%.
  • Resources and energy that are otherwise used for creation of one single car can be used for creation of up to 100 bicycles.

From seats to handlebars to pedals for bikes, there are many ways that you can customize the time you spend on your bicycle. It is also very important to remember, however, that important parts like a 25.4 stem will add to both the stability and durability of your bike as well.