Treating Common ENT Problems Before They Become Serious

Sinus infections

Our children are prone to all types of diseases and infections. They are constantly around germs in day cares and playgrounds and they do not practice the same amount of hygiene awareness what adults do. This can lead to the common spread of infections in the child. However, these infections help to build their immune systems and the child?s body learns to fight them off. One of the most common medical concerns in young children is that of ENT problems, or ear, nose and throat problems.… Read More...

Chronic Sinus Infections in Young Children Could Indicate a Larger Issue With Allergies

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Sinus infections, also commonly referred to by doctors as “sinusitis,” affects over 35 million patients every year. Often caused by inflammation and congestion related to the common cold, sinus infections can become a chronic condition in people with environmental allergies or weakened immune systems. Although sinus conditions are not contagious, parents of a child with a sinus infection are often understandably concerned about recurring sinus and ear infections.

Ear infections are also common among younger children; children who have not yet acquired the ability to speak may point at their ears, frown, or even cry in order to try to communicate their condition to their parents or caregivers.… Read More...