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When a woman is pregnant, and her body is supporting another life in addition to her own, there can be a lot of discomfort in many different parts of the body. When this is the case, there can be no more comfortable solution than a massage. However, there are some misconceptions about pregnancy massage, that often prevent pregnant womn from seeking out a massage to prevent or lessen their discomfort.

Misconception #1: Massage can cause miscarriage.
Many women fear that getting a pregnancy massage, especially during the first trimester, can cause a miscarriage. However, pregnancy massage does not contribute to the etiologies of miscarriage, and is perfectly safe. Oftentimes, pregnant women will choose not to receive massage during their first trimester, only because they are experiencing nausea or vomiting, which are common during that time. In that case, it would likely be uncomfortable for them to even lay down on a pregnancy massage table.

Misconception #2: Massage can harm the baby or cause premature labor.
Pregnant women are often hesitant to receive a massage, because they are afraid it will harm their baby. While this is certainly an understandable concern, it is completely unnecessary. Any massage on a pregnant belly, at all stages of pregnancy, should be applied with a light pressure. Any pressure that would be enough to rupture the placenta would be very deep and uncomfortable, and would never be applied by a qualified massage therapist.

Another common concern is the possibility of massage bringing on premature labor. There are certain acupressure points, particularly in the hands and feet that can stimulate uterine activity and encourage labor progress. These points can be used to spur on the labor process near the end of pregnancy. However, in the meantime, it is possible to massage over and around these points without stimulating them.

Misconception #3: Pregnancy massage tables will harm mother and baby.
While there is some truth to this particular statement, it needs to be better understood. A pregnant mother should not lay flat on her stomach on regular massage tables. However, since pregnancy massage is a growing trend, there have actually been procedures and equipment developed specifically for expectant mothers.

There are special pregnancy massage tables, which have a well that will allow room for the pregnant belly, while also supporting it to keep gravity from putting too much pressure on that delicate portion of the body. There are also pregnancy massage pillows that a massage therapist will use to comfortably prop a pregnant woman on her side, allowing her to relax during her massage, without worry of harming her baby.

Pregnant mothers are busy doing some very hard work growing a new life inside their bodies, and no one deserves some relief from the resulting discomfort more than them. Pregnancy massage loosens up muscles and releases endorphins, which will not only make the mother more comfortable, but will also make her happier. Even something as basic as a pregnancy foot massage from a helpful hubby can be a welcome treat for any expectant mother. Read more articles like this.