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Unless you have experienced several months of carrying around a human fetus in your belly, it is impossible for you to understand the discomfort of pregnancy. But if you ask any mother what pregnancy is really like, they will probably say that it was the most uncomfortable period in her life.

Although the joy most pregnant women feel as they anticipate the arrival of their babies provides them with ample fortitude to get through the pregnancy, there are always going to be those days when the delivery date can’t come soon enough. However, massage can help to soothe the stress and discomfort that every pregnant woman will experience quite often as they await the arrival of their infants. In fact, even pregnancy foot massage can work wonders by alleviating the extra pressure pregnancy places on the arches.

Just as therapeutic massage can be a highly effective way for anyone to reduce stress, relieve muscle tension, strengthen the immune system, and improve his or her overall health, massage can be equally effective for pregnant women. Actually, you might be hard-pressed to find a person who appreciates foot massage, or any kind of massage, more than a woman seven or eight months into her pregnancy. That being said, pregnancy and foot massage go together like bread and butter.

While there are innumerable ways to address discomfort and stress during pregnancy, pregnancy foot massage can actually soothe other areas of the body as well. This is because some researchers link the feet and toes with nerves that run throughout the body, and are also the one part of the body that absorbs as much a 95% of the stress and impact that the body takes each day.

As you’d might expect, during pregnancy every PSI of pressure feels like twice as much as it actually is. This is why doctors recommend that women receive at least one good massage each day, preferably with the aid of specially designed pregnancy massage tables, or less expensive pregnancy pillows for massage.

Even though most women view pregnancy as a positive experience that should be enjoyed as much as possible, they would be lying if they said that every moment was delightful. However, pregnancy foot massage can help to make those difficult times feel much more endurable.

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