Freeze fat

It’s almost summertime once again. In fact, it’s probably approaching faster than your weight loss goal. Nevertheless, you still want to look good and feel great in your bathing suit. So, how do you succeed with your weight loss goal?

You’ve probably tried all of the common ways in which to get a trimmed and toned physique. These include dieting and rigorous exercise routines. Now you’re probably looking for something more. One thing that you could try is freezing your fat.

There’s a hot, new process whereby you can freeze fat off. It’s known as Cryolipolysis and is being considered as a quick alternative to liposuction. The way that it works is by using a device that’s shaped like a plate and is called a Zeltig to cool the fat cells in your body. Lipolysis will then naturally breaks them down for you, thus allowing you to freeze off fat.

The U.S. F.D.A. has approved the Zeltig so that you can freeze your fat. It’s also used to cool the skin during laser treatments. Now some doctors have proven that this is an effective way in which to freeze your fat, especially when it’s stubborn. Herein advanced cooling is used to freeze your fat cells without damaging your surrounding tissue like heat would. Whenever this process is done for long periods of time your body starts getting rid of the fat. Of course, this will take a couple of months.

Dr. David J. Goldberg is responsible for developing this process. He’s working with other highly respected researchers from Harvard and Massachusetts General Hospital. They’ve done clinical trials on pigs an porcupines with very promising results. Of course, there’s a certain degree of risk involved whenever you freeze your fat. However, this isn’t an invasive technique and it will only take about an hour for it to be done without any serious risks.
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