Geri chairs

It can be all too easy for senior citizens to feel put aside or “shafted” in our country. Sadly, discrimination based on age does very much exist. Although it’s not legal or morally correct, senior citizens are often passed over for new jobs and promotions, and all too easily can have their desires and needs brushed aside. People often assume that because some elderly people are less vocal than others, that they don’t care about life anymore, or are less aware than they once were. Rationally, we know that this is far from the case. Yet the stereotype persists. Ultimately, this kind of behavior ends up hurting a lot of people. In 2013, the population of people aged 65 or older numbered 44.7 million. This comes out to 14.1% of the population, or one in seven Americans. It’s terrible to imagine that amount of people feeling useless or ignored due to their age. Even if a senior citizen suffers from the wear and tear of growing older or an outright disability, this doesn’t mean that their needs should be considered secondary to anyone else’s. Aging is natural — nobody should be punished for it. Let’s look into ways we can make life better for the elderly.

Geri Chairs: Allowing For Comfort And Mobility

It’s estimated that there are about 2 million new wheelchair users each year, and about 1.825 million wheelchair users are 65 or older. It’s natural that the elderly would have a need for wheelchairs. However, this does not mean that their wheelchair needs are the same as those who were born with a disability, or sustained one following trauma. It’s true that geriatric wheelchairs for the elderly are, in some cases, very similar to those used by younger wheelchair users. If an elderly person has sustained a serious disability due to a stroke or illness, it may be best that they have a full wheelchair. There is a wide range of wheelchairs on the market, and for the elderly an electric wheelchair may be a consideration, as it requires less physical effort to move around in. There is also, however, the geri chair to consider. Geri chairs, short for geriatric chairs, are modified wheelchairs of sorts. They’re ideal for elderly people who experience a limited range of mobility, but don’t necessarily need a “full” wheelchair. Geri chairs allow their occupants to be relaxed, while at the same time being easy to operate and move out of. The latter is a particularly important consideration for those caring for an elderly loved one, as moving them comfortably is a top priority.

Seniors Groups: Keeping Life Fun

Senior citizens are certainly susceptible to depression. It’s easy for them to feel useless, and this can lead to low moods and even suicidal thoughts. Keeping senior citizens active and lively is a great way to stave off depression. One way you can do this is through attending a senior citizens’ social group. This way, your loved one can make friends and socialize with people their own age. Not only does this lower their risk for depression — it tends to help them live longer, as they do remain active and therefore healthier. Another great thing about these groups is that they aren’t hard on the body, and can be done easily and simply.

Volunteer Opportunities: Making Seniors Fill Helpful

Again, seniors want to feel as helpful and active as you and me. But at some point, working is not an option. In this case, it may be a good idea to help your loved one take advantage of volunteering opportunities. As these positions aren’t paid, many cater to seniors’ specific needs. They make them feel helpful and a part of society, while at the same time not being too difficult or stressful. Like the groups mentioned above, volunteering also helps seniors make friends and general connections.

The most important thing is that seniors feel cared for and valued. This will make their lives much more enjoyable. Not only do senior citizens simply deserve to enjoy their lives — they also are more likely to live longer lives if they’re happy ones!