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Migraines are a painful, crippling experience for many. While just about everybody suffers from the occasional headache, sufferers of migraines have it a bit worse. Migraines can be very painful, and can even be accompanied by visuals. When one of these monsters hit, one of the only things the person encountering it can do is lay down and rest. Truly, they can be quite awful.

Despite their painful and oftentimes dangerous nature, studies estimate about half of all migraine sufferers to be undiagnosed. Less than 50 percent of those who have migraine headaches ever consult their physicians about it. This is very startling and perhaps dangerous — people who don’t seek treatment aren’t very likely to find it themselves.

Around half of those with this condition report having an episode roughly once a month. Weekly occurrences are reportedly down a bit from this, but still happen frequently enough to warrant concern. Another study conducted recently found that depression was three times more common in individuals who suffer from migraines than in healthy individuals. With such dire consequences hanging in the balance, it really is a wonder why so many cases of migraines go undiagnosed.

If you’re unable to see a physician anytime soon but feel you are a sufferer of migraines, many remedies are available which you can look at prior to seeing your doctor. Simply improving your diet has always been a favorite method of correcting health issues. Poor eating habits and unhealthy choices about the foods we eat directly impact our body’s ability to fight off problems. While it is always advisable to see a physician for any immediate health concerns, you can always start by improving your diet. Your doctor might start out by telling you the very same thing!

Migraines are no joke. They can be particularly damaging to a person’s quality of life. Don’t be one of the 50 percent of undiagnosed sufferers — see your doctor the moment you have symptoms.