Hair transplant surgery los angeles

Most of us are born without any hair. Some of end up losing it again at some point in our lives, whether by choice or by family genes. Either way, it is a nice circle of life type situation, and nothing to be ashamed of, although too often popular culture seems to encourage that shame. Live happy and free with whatever happens on top of your head. But if you don’t want to be controlled by the genetics running through your family tree, you do have options. Visiting a hair loss specialist can give you the freedom to choose what happens with that scalp of yours instead of waiting for nature to choose for you.

Start thinking about your options early
Talking to a hair loss specialist, even before signs of hair loss or balding present themselves, could be a wise move. Normal hair growth consists of separate strands of hair growing for anywhere from two to six years, then a rest phase of a few months before falling out. Once hair loss or balding begins, it takes time to notice. About 50% of an individual’s head of hair will already be gone by the time it is visibly apparent. So stopping into a hair transplant clinic to find out about your hair restoration options would be a good call, especially if you have older family members with receding hairlines, or those with no hair at all.

What options can a hair loss specialist offer?
You might not think that there are many options when it comes to the eventual hair replacement you may be interested in, but there is actually a bit more to consider than just knowing that you want something to cover the top of your head. There are a couple of different types of hair transplant surgeries, one less invasive and quicker than the other, but there is also the option scalp micropigmentation, or the process of essentially tattooing the appearance of hair onto your scalp. The hair tattoo probably is not for everyone, but worth at least learning about as an option, perhaps. Whatever you do end up choosing, just remember as you go through the process of learning about your options that you are not alone and hair loss is completely natural. About two-thirds of American men turning 35 years old will be going through some level of hair loss. And by the time they turn 50, around 85% of men have largely thinning heads of hair. Just within the United States, around 35 million men are experiencing some degree of baldness or hair loss.

There is indeed a bit of a stigma surrounding the perfectly natural process of hair loss and balding. But luckily that stigma is not hard and fast, in fact more recently it seems to be a bit shaky. Some celebrities are making bald the new “in” thing, and anyone should be able to run with it. Be proud of your look, whatever you decide that look should be. The power is in your hands, and on your head.