Benefits of class iv laser

When you think of lasers, what do you think of? Usually, I imagine a science fiction light sword or an evil villain space ray. Though they sound like a thing of the future, medical lasers are a part of the here and now. By using the focused power of light, medical lasers can help to fix a wide variety of ailments, including (but not limited to) :

Bad Eyes – You’ve probably heard of Lasik procedures. Well that’s a medical laser! They use the medical laser to re-shape the cornea without invasive surgeries, giving you perfect vision without having to go under the knife. You can finally ditch those pesky contact lenses forever!

Unwanted Tattoos – Another great use for medical lasers. Using light, technicians break up the pigment from the tattoo, and stimulate the skin to heal around it. Now you can really clean up any past mistakes, and make room for some new, better ink!

Unwanted Hair – If you’ve got stubborn body hair, medical lasers can help you get rid of it. Using multiple treatments, technicians can gradual lighten and then remove the hair altogether, keeping it away and making sure that if it does come back, it’s not nearly as bothersome.

Pain ReliefLaser therapy for pain is one of the newest, most revolutionary uses of the medical laser. Laser therapy can help heal deep pains that would previously only respond to invasive surgeries and drugs. They even have veterinary lasers, and can use an equine laser to relieve pain and extend the life of your horse. (The equine laser is a great option for those who have competition horses and can’t risk the invasive surgeries.)

Though each of these uses requires multiple visits to complete the purpose, the common factor stands: medical lasers are extremely versatile. Ask your doctor how they can help you today!