Updated 8/3/21

Back pain is a very common problem that a lot of people deal with, especially as they get older. It can be very debilitating, and people who are experiencing it may want to get treatment for it as soon as possible. Back pain can also be very serious, as it can be a symptom of something that is even more severe that needs immediate attention.

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If you do not know a lot about back pain, but you are dealing with it now, you are probably anxious to find a solution. In some cases, you might want to go to a doctor, but in others, you might want to look into chiropractic care. A chiropractor can be very helpful when it comes to dealing with different types of pain in a way that a physician may not even be able to help with. Generally, chiropractors will focus on a holistic approach that does not involve medication or surgery, and this can be very helpful to many people who are dealing with back pain, whether it is someone who is in need of arthritis pain in lower back treatment, treatment for back and waist pain, back disc pain treatment, or a different type of back pain treatment.

Learn more about how to treat back pain below.


Everyone has seen at least one advertisement on TV for medicines or medical procedures that can help alleviate the chronic pain experienced by about 1.5 billion people all over the world. Although many young people think they’ll never be among the people affected by lower back pain or neck pain, there’s research that shows that over 25 million people between the ages of 20 and 64 all suffer from frequent back pain. If you do suffer from lower back pain, you may be wondering: “What treatment options are available” or “What can I do to prevent low back pain?” Pain medications can be a way to stop back pain for awhile, but your body will eventually work up a resistance to the medication. You may be surprised to find that minimally invasive spine surgery may be among your best treatment options.

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What Causes Low Back Pain In The First Place?
There are a number of causes of lower back pain–some of them preventive and some not. Lifting heavy objects can be a big contributor to lower back pain. Indeed, many healthcare professionals tend to suffer from lower back pain from lifting people. Twisting a funny way, consistent bad posture, scoliosis, or osteoporosis can also be factors in lower back pain. People with herniated discs or a spinal degenerative disease will also experience lower back pain.

Spine Surgery? What? No Way!
If you’re one of those people who hates going to the doctor and to whom the idea of surgery is a catastrophic nightmare, take a deep breath. It may not be as bad as you think! With minimally invasive surgeries (commonly abbreviated MISS), you can go home the very same day you get surgery and recovery time is anywhere between three and five days–in your own home! No hospital rooms or hospital food for you! Additionally, with these types of surgeries, the surgeon only makes a small incision (called “keyhole” incisions), that range in length from 7 mm (1/4 of an inch) to less than 1 inch, depending on the procedure being done.

What Other Treatment Options Are There?

chiropractic care
If your back pain is more minor and/or not chronic, in many cases, pain medications or physical therapy can help alleviate your pain. Some common pain medications that are often taken to relieve lower back pain are acetaminophen, NSAIDs, oral steroids for more severe cases, narcotic drugs, muscle relaxants, and antidepressants. Note that the latter half of these medications should be prescribed by a doctor and only if your back pain is severe enough to warrant these.
Another method if you’re not keen on taking drugs or want to take extra measures to help your back pain is going into physical therapy, where you can do a program that consists of back exercises as well. PT and back exercises will help strengthen your back, stretch it, increasing flexibility, and give you some low-impact exercise that gets you moving aerobically.
Both pain medications and PT can be used in combination with minimally invasive surgery and may even be encouraged by your healthcare professional. If you suffer from chronic back pain, go talk to your doctor and see what he or she recommends to make it stop for good.