Laptop radiation protection

What is the deal about EMFs? What are they?

EMFs are a type of radiation. The acronym stands for electromagnetic fields or electrical and magnetic forces. This type of radiation takes the form of waves and can be very dangerous.

There are two types of electromagnetic energy. There are natural EMFs and artificial EMFs.

Natural EMFs

This is the electromagnetic field that is produced by the earth naturally. The human body also produces an EMF. Research shows that it is the EMF in every cell in the body that help to keep you healthy and regulate functions. These EMFs have a low intensity around 10 hertz.

Artificial EMFs

These are the kind of waves that come from technology and inventions form humans such as hairdryers or cell phones. These appliances have all been proven to disturb natural EMFs that our created in our bodies.

There are two parts of an electromagnetic field: electric field and magnetic field. Both fields are invisible and make no sound.

The electric field is created by voltage and is there even if an appliance is turned off, as long as it is plugged in. The magnetic field is only there when the current is flowing and the appliance is on.

How to Avoid EMF Radiation

There are ways to block EMF radiation
. There are a lot of products out there that can protect you and your home as well as your car or office from EMS waves. Product such as EMF shielding fabric, a laptop radiation shield, microwave shielding and others are always to block EMF radiation and protect children and yourself. It is important to know the ways to block EMF waves because of the damage it can cause. Research has been done that links EMF radiation to cancer, Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s and even more fatal diseases than these. The EPA cautions us to limit our exposure to EMF waves. In fact, after more than 2000 studies were conducted, EMFs were said to be regarded as possible carcinogens. Other studies show that it can lead to a weekend immune system, tissue damage another serious health problems.

Unfortunately, artificial EMF radiation is all around you and your body can be influenced by it. Once electromagnetic radiation becomes simply magnetic radiation, the body is easily penetrated by the waves. These kinds of EMF waves are harmful in unnatural and can cause serious impact to your body. The higher that the EMF frequency is the more seriously we can be affected. Anything above 10 hertz is extremely damaging.

Let’s take a look at items we use every day and see how they may be affecting our health.

  1. Cell phones – between 50 and 60 hertz

  2. Microwave ? approximately 60 hertz
  3. Hairdryer ? around 100 hertz per hour of use
  4. Laptop – from 60 to 75 hertz

That is just four of the many items that we could possibly use every single day. Some simple ways to block EMF exposure are as follows:

  1. Turn off the Wi-Fi at night and when you leave your house.
    Unplug all appliances and devices at night.

  2. Opt for ethernet cable and get rid of Wi-Fi altogether.
  3. Invest in laptop, tablet, iPad and phone shields.
  4. Buy fabrics made with a conductive silver metal that repels EMFs.
  5. Check your cell phone carrier to see if another one has less EMF exposure.
  6. Do not plug in anything by your bed.

They say that knowledge is power, but in this case, knowledge is life. If you want to live a long and healthy life, pay attention to these tips. These are just some simple ways to block EMFs that don’t require a lot of work or change. You could look into more intense and effective ways to block EMFs if you so wish. It could be extremely beneficial to you and your family if you want to stay safe and protected. As mentioned earlier, there are products and items that you can buy and install to protect your home, children, pets and yourself. You really can’t put a price of the safety of your whole family. Make peace in your mind regarding radiation and live free from the stress it can cause, physically and mentally.