Bioshield necklace

Any fan of the horror movie genre can tell you that the unseen monster is far more terrifying than any Special Effects Department’s creation. This is even more true in the real world, a fact that is manipulated by politicians to scare voters into voting. New health concerns also seem much alarming in the early years before knowledge and research make the issue well understood and defined. The concerns about the effects from electromagnetic fields, or emfs, are still in these beginning stages, where it is difficult to sort out basic information without contamination from paranoia. There are ample sites declaiming the need for emf protection jewelry or emf shielding fabric, but the reasons why hardly seem unbiased, and what if you need to protect your family now but cannot invest in emf protection jewelry until your budget allows it? No need to stress, for here are five primary sources of emfs, and paired with each is a way to protect yourself and your family cheaply until those pricier possibilities are in the budget.

  1. Appliances: The amount of electronics inside the home, from the small ones, like toasters and alarm clocks, to the big ticket items like the fridge or dishwasher,can be overwhelming when they are viewed as potential dangers. Protection can be as simple as limiting your daily exposure though. If you have a dining area separate from the kitchen, eat there instead of surrounded by the biggest appliances in the home.
  2. Personal Care: Items like your hair dryer and curling iron are dangerous as well. One benefit of these items is they can be unplugged after every use. However many people forget to unplug them. Do not be one of those people.
  3. Laptops: These ones include two bad aspects. First, adapters, or the big box part of your laptop’s cord. Second, WiFi puts out a lot of emfs. I know it may not be convenient, but try to use Ethernet at home instead of WiFi.
  4. Tablets and Ereaders: These do not have an Ethernet option, but they do not need to be plugged in every time you use them. Charge them in a room away from you and do not use them while they are plugged in. If you can, download movies and tv shows and watch with the WiFi off instead of streaming, then delete the movie when finished.
  5. Cellphones: These are usually a person’s worst source of emfs. When you are at home, try to use a house phone if you have it, and turn off the phone’s WiFi unless needed, then turn it back off. You can buy protection for cellphones that completely protect you for well under $100, and this is the one area I will say it is best not to wait if possible.

Hopefully, this helped with some basic ways to keep you and your family safe. When you can get emf protection jewelry and all the rest, by all means do, but until then, these will make a difference.