Couples therapy

When day-to-day life becomes too difficult to manage and you’re not sure who to turn to, therapeutic services are here to help. Designed from the ground up to the shoulder you need to lean on, psychotherapy services are a helpful resource for American adults of all backgrounds and problems. This can range from struggling with your interpersonal relationships, attempting to get yourself out there in the world or wondering if you have a form of mental illness. If you’ve wondered whether or not you’d benefit from psychotherapy services or couples counseling, look below to learn more about how you can increase your quality of life slowly but surely.

What Is Depression?

You may be struggling with depression. A common condition that affects millions of American adults, depression is a form of mental illness characterized by constant feelings of apathy, disinterest and fatigue. You can have additional side-effects of lethargy, numbness and concentration issues. Studies have shown half of all Americans with depression don’t seek out treatment for it. Overall, the estimated yearly cost of depression in the United States due to healthcare and productivity costs lost is $80 billion.

How Can I Be Treated For Depression?

Did you know 16 million American adults had at least one depressive episode back in 2012? This totals to nearly 7% of all adults in the country. Women are also 70% more likely than men to experience moderate to severe depression in their lifetime. When you notice you’re struggling in the day-to-day but are not sure why, psychotherapy services can help. You’re far from alone in what you’re going through and, with the aid of licensed professionals, you can start enjoying life like you used to again.

What About Anxiety?

You may not have depression but, rather, a form of anxiety. This form of mental illness is characterized by racing thoughts, constant negativity, difficulty performing basic day-to-day tasks, difficulty socializing and difficulty remembering basic things. It can take the form of social anxiety, obsessive-compulsive disorder or panic disorder. While traumatic situations can encourage the development of anxiety, this can also be hereditary. Individual counseling as well as family and group therapy has been proven to help reduce rates of anxiety.

The Benefits Of Psychotherapy Services

Therapy services are a wonderful resource that can help you pinpoint the source of your struggle and help you reach a better point in your life than you ever thought possible. According to research provided by the American Association Of Marriage And Family Therapists, a stunning 95% of the surveyed couples said they either received good or excellent help with their problems. When it comes to depression, significant improvement can be made in a matter of weeks whether it comes from therapy, medication or both. From cognitive behavioral therapy to lifestyle changes, the sky’s the limit on improving your quality of life. Will you reach out today?