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Chronic pain affects many people throughout the United States. There are, of course, a variety of reasons why individuals experience pain on a regular basis. They may, for example, be suffering with migraines. In this instance, seeking the services of a medical professional may assist with reducing or alleviating their symptoms. When someone has sustained an injury which affects their physical activity level, they may benefit from physical rehabilitation. Since each situation is unique, it’s important to consult with a medical professional rather than enduring chronic pain.

The National Institute of Neurological Disorders and Stroke, for example, reported that at some point during their lives, 80% of adults will experience low-back pain. This type of pain may be related to a sedentary lifestyle, a lack of regular physical exercise, obesity, or other causes. Recent data shows that just one in three adults engage in the recommended amount of weekly physical activity. In some instances, a person may engage in exercise to manage their pain. On a daily basis, however, it’s been determined that less than five percent of adults participated in 30 minutes of physical activity.

Given that one out of every three adults are obese, this can also lead to chronic pain and other health issues, such as heart disease. When someone loses just five percent to ten percent of their weight, it has been proven that this will reduce the risk of developing heart disease and other serious health issues. In order to lose weight at a healthy rate, however, it’s important to work closely with a physician. Furthermore, it is also a good practice to consult with a physician when beginning an exercise regime or a special diet.

When people experience chronic pain, it can obviously have a significant impact on their state-of-mind and overall health. A recent survey showed that nearly 59% of the chronic-pain sufferers stated that their overall enjoyment of life was affected by chronic pain. There are a wide range of chronic pain treatment options. These include pain management services, back pain treatment options, physical therapy, and other types of physical rehabilitation. Since chronic pain may be an indicator of a serious issue, seeking the services of a medical professional is the best course of action.