When to use urgent care

There are lots of things parents google when there kids are sick: when to call the doctor, good food for sick toddler (good food for sick toddler also represents the rushed nature of these internet searches in the lack of an “a” or a “my” before toddler), when to be worried. But illness in children is common, and scheduling an appointment with a general practitioner, while often ideal (because they have a rapport with your child and you trust their care), isn’t always possible.

Fortunately, pediatric urgent care is an option, one that’s easier to fit into a busy schedule and still promises a high standard of care. 24 pediatric urgent care can provide many services. For example, an ear infection might be a good reason to seek treatment at an urgent care center. Ear infections are incredibly common – the vast majority (5 out of every 6) children will have an ear infection before their third birthday and almost half of those children will have three or more by that time – and certainly not an emergency. But they’re also very painful and in most cases need a round of antibiotics to knock out completely. Taking your child to urgent care to treat an ear infection allows them the treatment they need without necessitating a day off of work to take them. Because many urgent cares are open around the clock, they’re much more accessible to parents in the workforce.

Family urgent care can also be a great solution if a patient needs a common cold looked at. Common colds are just that – incredibly common. Every single year, people in the United States contract over a billion colds, and children get more than adults. Kids typically get anywhere from six to ten colds per year, as their immune systems adjust to things like joining school, daycare, and being exposed to germs they previously had not encountered.

So when your child is sick, when you’re googling “good food for sick toddler” and the like, search an urgent care center. Urgent care centers can provide all the care a regular doctor’s office can, with usually a considerably decreased wait time and much more flexible hours.