Treatment for breast cancer

You’ve been diagnosed with breast cancer and now you need breast cancer care and aren’t quite sure where to start. For millions of people in America, various types of cancers have slowly become their top priority. But we don’t want you to have to put your life on hold. When you are in need of new treatment that is proven to work, and you aren’t sure where to turn, we have another option for you: proton therapy. But what is proton therapy? Proton therapy is a specialized type of radiation that is probably much different from the type you have heard of. It stops at a very specific point in the targeted area, instead of conventional radiation that goes above and beyond the tumor. This means that, if you are being treated for breast cancer, you have a reduced risk of the radiation going to your heart or lungs. This is why proton treatment is being regarded to as a safer option, and one that works.

Proton therapy for cancer is becoming such a sensation among patients that specialist centers are growing across America. In fact, at the beginning of 2015, more than 30 particle therapy centers were in the works. This means that, today, there are over 80 treatment rooms available to you. For somebody who is battling breast cancer, this means that proton radiation therapy is at your fingertips. Patients are loving the fact that these treatment centers are not only giving them real results, but also taking less time away from them. A treatment session roughly takes 15 to 45 minutes, though the actual delivery of protons to the area takes about a minute.

Proton Therapy for Every Cancer

It’s not just for breast cancer, a variety of patients are seeking proton therapy as treatment for their types of cancer. It gives treatment options for prostate cancer, brain cancer, and so much more. So, no matter what type of cancer you are battling, it is a good idea to look into this new option today. For your breast cancer care, prostate cancer, brain cancer treatment, and so much more, we are the specialists who can give you a wide array of information and answer all of your questions regarding this new type of therapy.