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When we think of skin care, the category almost always deviated to dermatology skin care tips and tricks for women. However, skin care for men is equally important, but almost always ignored. Yet, men often need just as much, if not more, help with keeping their skin healthy and blemish free. From back acne to sunburn, here are a few tips on skin care health for men:

1.Acne Treatment

From back acne to cystic acne on their face, men suffer from these blemishes, too. In fact, acne plagues nearly 50 million Americans, with nearly 85% of the population battling acne at some point in their life. Of course, many men opt to hide facial acne with beards and facial hair, but hiding the problem won’t help it get any better. Dietary changes such as drinking more water and cutting out greasy foods can often help men suffering from acne. Exercise and lowering stress levels can also be beneficial. Over the counter acne medicines often work to dry out acne and spot treat, but men unable to shake prolonged acne breakouts should seek dermatological assistance.

2. Sunburn and Skin Cancer Risks
While tanning services may mainly target females in advertising, many men take advantage of tanning beds, as well. Failure to use adequate sunscreen is also a popular skin care necessity ignored by men. Did you know that over 3.5 non melanoma related skin cancer diagnoses are reported every year in the United States? With such a high amount of skin cancer incidents, men should be sure to reported abnormal or large numbers of developing moles to their doctors, to be examined for cancerous risks.

3. Toenail fungus

Another popularly ignored skin care ailment of men is toenail fungus. This disease can spread quickly, so having your toenails examined is imperative. If your feet are often itchy or burn, or if your toenails are yellowed or darkened, you should seek a dermatologist’s help right away. A good skin care professional can help you treat the problem, quickly.

Skin care for men should be taken just as seriously as it is for women. Hiding skin care problems can lead to a decreased quality of life, as well as more serious results. Be sure to find a dermatologist near you to figure out the best course of action for your skin care woes.