More and more people are looking to lead a healthy lifestyle, especially as the detriments of leading an unhealthy one are becoming more and more obvious and clear with each passing year. Unfortunately, up to one third of the population is classified as being overweight. In addition to this, another one third of the population is already considered, at least in medical terms, to be obese. And we all know that obesity and even just living at an unhealthy weight in general can take an incredible toll on your body, increasing your risk for everything from Type 2 diabetes (which already one third of the population has been diagnosed with) to certain types of cancer that tend to target those who weigh too much.

However, more and more people are fighting back against this. Already, very nearly half (around 45%, to be just a bit more specific) of the Millennial generation exercises on a regular basis. In addition to this, even the elder population is getting up and moving more frequently. Recent data even suggests that up to 34% of all adults falling between the ages of 65 and 74 are getting up and moving on a regular basis. On top of this, nearly 45% of all adults who are OVER the age of 75 are still getting active frequently.

Still, improvement needs to be made. It is estimated that only around 5% of the adult population, at least in the United States, is moving around and exercising for even just a mere half of an hour over the course of the day. After all, life is certainly busy and the typical adult will likely be juggling a wide array of responsibilities at any given point in time. Fortunately, there are ways to work around this.

Getting a gym membership is one such way. Going to the gym can be done as frequently as you like, with most people finding time for the gym at least twice throughout the week. Having such structured time to work out makes it easier for many people to devise a schedule for exercise – and to, most importantly, stick to this schedule. And the gym is likely to offer a wider array of options when it comes to exercise than the typical home environment will.

Weight training and strength training provide one such good example of exactly this, as most people won’t have the necessary equipment for weight lifting in their own homes. And weight lifting can be ideal for anyone, providing a slow motion exercise that can help to build muscle and lose fat all at once.

The slow motion exercise of weight training is ideal for even older populations of those looking to get into shape as well. Slow motion exercise is good for those who don’t have much experience with exercise, and even slow motion exercise can be effective for the improvement of overall physical fitness. In many cases, slow motion exercise will even ideal when combined with cardio though slow motion exercise, when properly conducted, can also be successful for weight loss on its own.

And weight loss, whether done through slow motion exercise or not, can be hugely beneficial in those that start from a place of being overweight or even obese. For instance, losing anywhere from just 5% to 10% of your total body weight alone has been found to have incredible impacts on your overall health. For one thing, this type of weight loss will significantly lower your chances of ever developing heart disease. As heart disease is a top killer of men and women alike, this is certainly quite hugely important, to say the very least.

At the end of the day, taking up exercise, through slow motion exercise and cardio alike, is going to more than pay off for your overall health. Not only will you be more confident, but you’ll have more energy and less risk for a wide number of health problems as well. Losing even just a small amount of weight can be quite hugely beneficial at the end of the day and especially for those who are putting their health in grave danger through their weight as well.