Many sports and physical activities are widely practiced around the world today, and in many contexts. Gymnastics, martial arts, and more are widely practiced in schools, fitness clubs, or even at military training grounds or police academies. Whether someone is a muscle-bound man practicing CQC (close quarters combat) for the military or a high school student practicing gymnastics, the right hardware is necessary to make any training session safer and easier. Today, gymnastics pads and foam carpet tiles are used to make any landing or collision softer, absorbing the impact of any person large or small. These gymnastics mats are essential for a safe practice session and avoiding injury. Such mats may be a common sight at an Olympic practice session as well as high schools gyms, police academies, martial arts schools, and more. What is there to know about these gymnastics pads and their use?

Using Gymnastics Pads

Sports and activities such as gymnastics, martial arts, and more involve tumbling and rolling, knocking someone down, and falling over for any number of reasons. What is important during all this is that no one is badly hurt. A sheer concrete or even wooden floor may fracture bones or sprain someone’s joints after a fall or a mishap, and no one wants that. A military training instructor, for example, would be pretty unhappy if a cadet or trainee had to leave practice early due to an injury during training. Rather, gymnastics pads and the like will be used in these contexts to absorb the shock and impact of someone falling on them. These gymnastics pads and foam squares are tough, but they have enough padding to prevent such injury when someone falls on them.

A gymnast, for example, will certainly make use of gymnastics pads both for training and for actual events. A gymnast may roll and tumble as part of their routine, or land from a great height by design. Accidents are also possible, and the gymnast might accidentally fall over, maybe from a great height. Floor mats will prevent such injury. Meanwhile, unarmed combat training takes place at police academies and military training grounds, and here too, gymnastics pads and other padded floor mats may be found. Such trainees may knock each other down, grapple with each other, or suffer accidents. Thus, these padded floor mats will absorb the impact of a fall in the middle of a buildng’s floor. Even tough, well-trained individuals may suffer bone fractures or heavy bruising if they fall on such hard surfaces; no one, in short, is too tough to get a bone fracture or worse. Padded floor mats will keep everyone safe during training. It may be noted that some combat training may take place outdoors, where soft soil may act as a natural floor mat. And during training, some military cadets may have bodies of water under them in case they fall from a great height, breaking their fall. Impact-softening surfaces may be found everywhere in such a context.

The Mats

It is clear how and why these mats are used, but they should be taken care of. They are tough, but these mats may suffer damage if they are misused. For one thing, sharp objects and hard-soled shoes should be kept away from them, since such things may tear their outer cover and expose the padding inside. If the mats are further used, the rips may be turn wider, and loose fabric may be a tripping or snag hazard. Damaged mats should be removed from use and repaired before being used again. Similarly, food and drinks should be kept away from floor mats, simply to prevent messes and stains. Spilled edibles may also make the mats dangerously slippery. It should also be noted that no one should park a car or other heavy vehicle on top of these mats, since they’re not designed to endure that much pressure and weight.

Large floor mats have creases so they can be folded up for easy storage, but an alternative is interlocking floor pads. These pieces can be assembled like puzzle pieces, and they may have patterns that imitate a wood floor. A karate school, for example, may make use of these for training classes.