Therapy is hugely important for many people throughout this country and it is something that comes in truly all shapes and sizes. In fact, therapy can range from Christian marriage intensive therapy to family counseling to even seeing a psychotherapist for depression. No matter what your mental health need, it is likely that there is a therapist out there that can service you.

And not everyone who will go to therapy is in the middle of a mental health crisis. For instance, a Christian marriage intensive therapy program is quite common for soon to be wed couples. Such a Christian marriage intensive therapy program can help such a couple to better understand each other and how to navigate this next major step in their life. Many a Christian couple will not have been living together before getting married and so a Christian marriage intensive therapy program can be quite hugely ideal for navigating the process of learning how to live with a romantic and life partner, something that can be both wonderful and stressful all at the same time. In some cases, a Christian marriage intensive therapy program will be recommended by a church before the actual wedding is conducted.

In addition to Christian marriage intensive therapy programs, many therapists handle more standard couples counseling as well. And there are certainly many reasons why a couple looks to seek counseling. Infidelity, for instance, is quite common indeed, with the average affair actually lasting for an entire two years, if not even longer than that. Fortunately, couples therapy can often help even the most grave and serious of all problems faced in relationships, proving the real impact of therapy services.

The data that has been gathered on the subject more than backs up this claim, as the data actually shows that up to half of all people who have sought out couples therapy were able to mend their relationship by the time that they decided to stop seeing a therapist. In addition to this, nearly three quarters of all couples were not fully recovered by the time that therapy ended, but felt back to normal within three months after, something that can likely still be directly attributed to the course of therapy that was undergone.

And there are a number of different resources to take advantage of when looking into Christian marriage intensive therapy programs or even just normal couples therapy. For instance, you might consider seeking the aid of a licensed marriage and family therapist instead of a psychologist or psychiatrist. While such a therapist can still provide the same level of care, they will likely charge quite a bit less – sometimes up to 40% less than the going rates of a psychologist or a psychiatrist (and typically at least 20% less, if not even more).

Seeking out individual therapy is also important for many people, as mental illnesses of all kinds are incredibly common. Take, for instance, depression. Depression can impact all people from all different walks of life and can have a tremendous impact on their lives as a whole. After all, statistics show this to be quite true indeed. In fact, as many as 16 million adults in the United States alone had at least one major depressive episode over the course of a year, according to data that was gathered in the year of 2016. In addition to this, more than 10% of all adolescents will receive the diagnosis of depression by the time that they reach adulthood. On a worldwide scale, at least 350 million people – if not more – have some type of depression and struggle with it throughout their lives.

And depression is certainly far from the only mental illness that can be treated in therapy. Anxiety disorders are actually even more common than depression and often respond well to different types of therapy. PTSD is unfortunately quite common as well, and often result from various traumatic situations. Different types of psychotherapy will be used for different mental illnesses, of course, but all of them can certainly prove to be quite beneficial at the end of the day and all things considered.