Requiring drug tests are standard for many businesses now to ensure their employees are clean and sober to help promote the safety of everyone in the workplace. It has become so common than many people anticipate or assume they will need to take a drug test when starting a new job.

In addition to companies, many families may be interested in buying drug tests if they are living with or dealing with a loved one, who is struggling with an addiction. Sometimes, asking a loved one to take a drug test is for personal peace of mind, while other times it may be out of a need to feel personally safe.

There are many different kinds of drug tests including a urine drug test and hair follicle drug test. While there are pros and cons to both, most employers settle for the urine test because it is one of the most accurate tests to determine if drugs were used in the previous five days.

Hair follicle tests provide a longer look at possible drug use, which is helpful when looking at a history of drug use. This is typically not what employers are interested in. Family members may be depending on the particulars of their situation.

When looking at drug tests, they will be described as having different panels. For example, you can get a five-panel test or a twelve-panel test. Each panel tests for a different type of drug. The five panel tests typically test for amphetamine, cocaine, marijuana, opiates, and phencyclidines.

However, you can get tests tailored specifically to the drugs you are looking for. With the rate of drug use increasing and the most recent opiate epidemic, many employers want to ensure a safe working environment be ensuring that none of their employees are under the influence of drugs such as opiates. You can also purchase alcohol only tests if your concern is limited specifically to drinking alcohol.

Most drugs stay in the system for two to four days, which means a test that can detect drug use going back five days is more than sufficient. If there is a long history of drug use, particularly marijuana, the drug can be detected for longer than five days.

The accuracy of the urine drug test has improved significantly over recent decades. Regular drug screening can provide overall assurance that the individuals being tested are, in fact, not using drugs.

The current state of drug use in the United States is startling, which can create a number of dangerous situations. While there are many national campaigns designed to curb drunk driving, driving or operating machinery while on the job are just as dangerous, if not more so.

A urine drug test can also be used for individuals that may be providing care for your children, or elderly relatives. While it is often expected that companies will drug test, many would not assume that working directly for an individual or family would include a drug test.