Over recent years, the threat of catching the flu has grown tremendously. It seems like every year the flu outbreak is even worse than it was the year before. This has led many parents to protecting their children with the flublok flu vaccine.

Like other vaccines, the flublok flu vaccine will help protect your little one throughout the flu season. Young children are particularly vulnerable to the flu virus due to their relatively young immune systems and the fact young children spread germs like it is their job.

Most young children still frequently forget to wash their hands regular and cover their mouth and nose when they sneeze or cough. This leads to them actively spreading germs from one child to the next.

In addition to often inconsistent personal hygiene, young children tend to be in physical contact with each other more than older children. Again, the constant touching and hugging between children helps to spread the germs quickly.

Finally,the constant sharing of food and drink also leads to a rapid spreading of germs. While it is wonderful when children share, during flu season, it can make any parent cringe.

You can’t change the nature of children. It is normal for children to have low self awareness when it comes to covering their mouths or washing their hands. It is also normal for them to want to share food and drinks or be in constant physical contact with other people.

Instead of stressing about how your child is acting, you can gain peace of mind by simply vaccinating them with the flublok flu vaccine. There are other types of flu vaccines you can look into as well including the seqirus flu vaccine, preservative-free vaccines, and the quadrivalent flu vaccine.

Exploring all your options and talking to your pediatrician about your options can help you to choose the vaccine that is best for your child while also working within your budget or insurance.

The exact flu vaccine chosen may depend on a wide range of factors including your child’s overall health, allergies to other medicines or foods, and the effectiveness of previous medicines or foods. There are many things you pediatrician may consider before recommending a specific vaccine.