This video is to inform viewers about the day in the life of an orthodontist. Our health is important in every stage of our lives. Oral health and dental care are one of the most important health-related aspects of our lives since we use our mouths on a daily basis to talk, eat, taste, and more. Orthodontists specialize in the jaw and alignment of your mouth.

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These two things can have a huge impact on your quality of life and your oral health and that is where orthodontists come in. If you attend a consultation with an orthodontist, they might recommend clear braces, Invisalign, and even metal braces. The day in the life of an orthodontic specialist can be quite hectic.

If you are looking to become an orthodontist, the most you will need is a four-year education. You can then go to dental school and while you are there, you can experience different sectors of dental care and see which one fits best for you. Once you get into orthodontics, you’ll get to meet all kinds of patients and care for them in different ways depending on their needs.