This video is to inform viewers about what it is like to visit a dentist for children for the first time. Our health is important in every stage of our lives. Children are no different and need early care to avoid serious health problems in the future.

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Oral health and dental care are one of the most important health-related aspects of our lives since we use our mouths on a daily basis to talk, eat, taste, and more. Dental care for kids is important since children are growing their teeth well into their teenage years. Making sure that a child’s oral health is up to date and well taken care of is a major responsibility but it can be overwhelming for the child if they believe that the dentist is scary and intimidating.

A dentist for children is dedicated to making every child who sits in their chair feel comfortable and safe. These dentists take care of many different things like checkups, cavity fillings, and loose teeth that happen often as children are growing into their adult teeth. Watch this video with your child so they can see what their first dentist appointment will be like to ease their mind and give them something to look forward to. Make sure you are also reassuring your child as well.