Find an optometrist

One of the senses that is so important to a person’s life is their sight, but so many people don’t think about how they should take care of their vision. Here are three demographics of people that may have more to worry about than they would think:

1. Diabetics

If you have diabetes, that should be bad news enough, but what is worse is that you are also left more susceptible to a plethora of common eye disorders and diseases of eyesight. Whether it is glaucoma, cataracts, or some other sort of eye sickness, any kind of disorders of the eye can endanger your sight. An eye doctor reviews patients with diabetes at least once a year if they can help it to help with early recognition.

2. African Americans

Another at risk demographic is actually African Americans. Just like the diabetics, they are vulnerable to eye disorders like glaucoma. As unfair as it seems, that is just how genetics have worked out, and so an eye doctor reviews these patients at least once every two years. It’s better to catch these disorders early so that they can be treated more effectively, so be sure to check in every so often!

3. The Elderly

As time goes on, the systems that the body has in check to keep the eyes in good condition deteriorate and leave folks more vulnerable to eye problems. That is why the elderly so often require visual aids. It is wise to have a doctor check out your eyes every two years or so so that you can be sure to maintain your vision as long as possible — maybe for the rest of your life. How often do you see the optometrist? Read this for more.