Cannabis addiction treatment

If yourself or someone you know is a marijuana addict, there are indeed options available nationwide to treat cannabis addiction. It is important to note that anyone who wants to know how to quit smoking pot realizes that they are far from alone in this matter. On average, an adult marijuana addict has used the drug daily for over a decade, and has attempted to quit at least half a dozen times over that period. Marijuana withdrawal symptoms can indeed be awful, so it does pay to see a marijuana treatment professional who can help ease the transition into sobriety. A three year study of over 4,000 people with no symptoms of psychosis showed that marijuana users are three times likelier to develop psychosis related symptoms than sober subjects, so the potential for physical harm to oneself as a result of marijuana abuse should never be overlooked.

Besides the potential health risks that come with being a marijuana addict, the social and legal implications can be manifold. Ten billion dollars are spent annually on marijuana prohibition costs in the US, and over 800,000 people per year are arrested for marijuana related crimes. 30 percent of those arrested for marijuana violations were under the age of 19 at the time of their arrest, and at least 200,000 US college students have been denied financial aid due to a marijuana related drug conviction on their records.

When the marijuana addict in question is ready to quit, go ahead and search the web for a respected and certified treatment center nearby that can work with your financial situation. Contact any health insurance provider that yourself or the affected individual may have for a list of covered clinics, and see if any nearby treatment centers can work with the financial situation of the marijuana addict in question if health insurance has not been purchased. Choose a clinic wisely, and hopefully all goes well!