Herniated disc treatment

If you are looking for a board certified surgeon to perform cervical spinal stenosis on your back, Dr. Alexander Lenard is a premier spine surgeon in the West Palm Beach, FL area. Dr. Lenard can perform cervical stenosis quite well, as this is a procedure that he handles quite frequently. Under his care, you can expect your cervical stenosis procedure to be a minimally invasive spine surgery that can offer a far shorter recovery time than normal. Since cervical spine surgery can be a scary prospect in general, going to a spinal surgeon who is well versed in minimally invasive procedures like this one can be a huge comfort.

Once you have determined that yourself or someone you know needs to visit a spine doctor like Dr. Lenard for cervical stenosis surgery, call the offices ahead of time to straighten out any insurance issues, and make an appointment as soon as possible. Hopefully, Dr. Lenard can perform this surgery with the same aplomb and quality as usual, and the recovery time is indeed something that is far shorter and less painful than you may have initially suspected.