Updated 4/13/2021

When you have a pet, you want that pet to stay as healthy as possible. That’s why pet owners take their pets for checkups once a year so that they can get preventative animal health services. Going to a veterinary clinic doesn’t have to mean that there is an emergency. You can take your pet in to be checked for overall health as well as to be diagnosed with an illness at a veterinary clinic.

If there is a health emergency with your pet, you can go to an animal hospital after hours when it’s too late for regular office hours. Getting animal hospital care quickly can make a difference to sick and injured animals. At an animal hospital center, you can have your pet seen as soon as possible to help with a medical emergency. This is always a good idea if your pet has been seriously injured or is dehydrated or otherwise very ill. Emergency vets know how to best care for pets when they come in no matter how late it is. If your pet needs to be seen right away, be sure to tell them at the front desk that your pet is a serious case.

Being a veterinarian is a job that always changes. There is always a new fluffy or scaly animal to treat, and making an animal feel better is worth all the stress the job can bring. Here are some trending topics in veterinary medicine that every vet should be aware of!

The rise of niche pets

Unfortunately, niche pets are becoming commonplace. This means exotic fish, birds, reptiles, and larger animals like small monkeys and rodents are being bred to live domestically. It is important to understand how to care for these animals, so if necessary brush up on pet care in case they slither through your door.

Cats are not coming in as often as they should

Cats are one of the most popular pets in the country, but they are not coming in for regular care and maintenance like their dog enemies are. In order to combat this, make sure to stress the importance of regular visits, and even think about sending out reminder flyers to past patients touting the benefits of veterinary care.

Obesity is on the rise

Just like in their human owners, obese pets are more and more common. Try to promote the importance of physical activity as much as you can throughout the office. You can host a walk festival where all your patients can come in to play games with their animals and take them on walks, and you can advertise and make available healthier pet food in your office for owners to buy.

Pets love their specialty services

Now that the economy is back on the rise, more and more pets are coming in to get pampered. This means spa services, doggie day care, and specialty pet nutritionist services! Your office should be the one stop shop for everything your patients need, so make sure to offer as many programs as possible!

Vets are going the used route

Refurbished veterinary equipment is all the rage for those veterinarians who are looking to save money but not skimp on quality. Medical equipment like veterinary exam tables and autoclaves for vets are some of the reputable refurbished veterinary equipment of choice, so why would you spend money on brand new materials when used is just as great?