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A new trend in healthcare is the increasing popularity of urgent care walk-in clinics across the country. This is due to their convenience and lower costs, specially when compared to emergency rooms services. If people have the choice to access basic medical services without waiting for hours or making an appointment to see a doctor weeks ahead, it’s really a simple choice. For basic healthcare, non-life-threatening injuries and preventative healthcare like check ups and sports physicals, a walk in health clinic is the best choice.

There’s a walk in medical clinic near you

The number of walk in clinics has been growing and chances are that there will be one in your neighborhood, in a convenient location. The Urgent Care Association of America reports that there are around 9,000 urgent care centers across the U.S. On average, 342 patients visit urgent care centers each week.

These clinics also have a good amount of experience in primary health care. More than half, or 61%, have been operating for five years or more. And some 40% of urgent healthcare centers have been operating for more than nine years.

Walk in clinics are open on weekends and after hours

Walk in clinics offer convenience that people appreciate when dealing with medical issues. A national survey found that they have extended hours, opening early and on weekends. During the week, more than two-thirds open before 9:00 am; nearly half or 45.7% are open on Saturdays and a third or 31.1% on Sunday’s. Typical wait times at walk in clinics are 20 minutes and rarely exceed 40 minutes.

Urgent care centers offer excellent health care services, with more than 95% reporting that they have physicians on staff. For all kinds of basic healthcare needs like flu shots, sports physicals, and most common illnesses and injuries, they offer a low cost and convenient alternative to an emergency room visit.

Lower costs and greater convenience

For greater convenience, almost half or 48% of all urgent care clinics can provide prepackaged prescription medicines in the doctor’s office, eliminating the need for an extra visit to the pharmacy with its long waiting periods.

With all these convenient options, urgent care costs less than an visit to the ER. For the same diagnosis, patients can expect the difference in cost between a walk in visit and the emergency room to be anywhere from $228 to $583. For simple check ups and work related or sports physicals, walk in clinics are an excellent choice.

With all the advantages of convenience, location, and lower costs, walk in clinics will continue to grow and expand across the country.