Any sophisticated man has a sleek and stylish watch on his wrist at all times. A good watch is a staple to any suave look. They’re practical, timeless, and a great piece to invest in. Here are some affordable sleek watches to look for.

Orient “Mako II” Japanese automatic stainless steel diving watch.

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Since 1950, Orient Watch has been dropping unique, superior-quality timepieces. Today, Orient continues to hone its craft by developing unparalleled mechanical movement, and redefining style by utilizing the latest Japanese street fashion for the world to consume. There’s nothing square about a square-faced watch—especially one in a fetching gold-and-black leather combo.

There’s just something to be said about a cheap watch with a solid build and some character. Admittedly, purchasing a timepiece in this price range can be tricky — it’s littered with junk. On the flip side, plenty of examples out there have garnered cult followings