As we age, sometimes we develop memory diseases such as Alzheimer’s, dementia, and other memory loss diseases. If you have a loved one who has developed one of these diseases, a memory care facility can help them tremendously. But what is memory care and a memory care facility? Keep reading to find out.

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Memory care is provided in a dedicated community or specialized section in an assisted living or skilled nursing home. Because of the outcomes of memory diseases, it is crucial to find a community where the staff is skilled and experienced in caring for this population and has significant safety precautions in place.

When you visit a memory care facility, there are some questions you can ask related to the environment and staff to help you gauge if the facility is right for your loved one. Some questions related to the environment would be, is the layout of the community easy to navigate? Do hallways lead residents back to public areas? Do the residents have adequate privacy? What safety measures are in place?

Some questions related to the staff would be, do they have specialized training in communicating and caring for residents? How much time does the staff take to gather information? How does the staff handle disruptive behavior? How do they deal with the progression of the disease?

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