Medical Aesthetician vs Esthetician

An important thing to start with when discussing the work of an aesthetician is to distinguish between them and estheticians. They have similar names and similar jobs and there can be some confusion.

The main difference between the two is that aesthetician services are more clinical while esthetician services focus more on therapeutics and cosmetics for the skin. While an esthetician might perform skin massages and aromatherapy, an aesthetician would work with burn victims or cancer patients.

Estheticians would likely be found in a beauty salon or make-up store while aestheticians will work in medical locations such as hospitals and burn units.

What Exactly Do Medical Aestheticians Do?

Medical aestheticians assist patients whose skin has been altered by things such as burns, chemotherapy, or surgery.

They also are able to use advanced items such as lasers and potent acids. They can perform laser hair removal, tattoo removal, bruise treatment, plastic surgery follow-ups, varicose vein therapy, and more. Basically an aesthetically related medical skin procedure can be performed by these types of skin care experts.

How to Become a Medical Aesthetician

If medical aesthetician services are something you are interested in pursuing as a career, you will want to seek out an accredited cosmetology program. Once you’ve completed about 600 hours of coursework through one of these schools you will have to work on obtaining a license. There are written and practical exams that must be passed before a state board will issue you a license. You should also expect to continue your education for many years to come, as it is an ever changing field that will require new training and research.

How to Find a Medical Aesthetician

If you’re not interested in working in the field and only want to find medical aesthetician services in your area, you can easily do so by hopping online. Make a quick search for medical aestheticians in your area and multiple results should come up.

Don’t make too quick of a choice though. If you want your skin well cared for it is best to read through reviews and make some phone calls. You will want to find the aesthetician that is right for you and the services you need.