Winter is just around the corner and soon the weather outside will be more than frightful, it’ll also be dangerous. Without the proper preparation, you might just find yourself sporting one of this season’s most common injuries.


But what are the most common winter injuries and what can you do to keep yourself from ending up suffering from one yourself this season?


Slips, trips, and falls


Slips, trips, and falls can be dangerous at any time of the year, but especially during the winter season where losing your footing could send you hurtling to the ground.


Some of the most common injuries caused by slips, trips, and falls include fractures, sprains, and strains. Spinal and head injuries are also common.


To reduce your risk of slipping, wear proper footwear, avoid taking long steps, and don’t rush or run outside.




Shoveling can take a lot out of you and it can also be potentially harmful to your body if you’re not careful. Shoveling is responsible for many injuries during the winter.


Some of the most common injuries caused by shoveling during the winter months include twists, strains, muscle tears, and sometimes even fractures. Overexertion is also commonly reported with shoveling among the elderly, who may suffer from heart attacks during shoveling.


To avoid injury during shoveling, take it slow. Don’t twist your body about when lifting and throwing snow. Finally, call a friend or family member for assistance if you need help shoveling your driveway or sidewalk.


Car accidents


Car accidents are more common during the winter months because it can be difficult to see through falling snow and even more difficult to stop on a wet road.


While you may not always be able to avoid a car accident, you can take a few preventative measures including practicing driving your car in the winter and installing snow tires on your vehicle.


Where can I find an urgent care center near me?


Every year, more than 2 million seniors visit the emergency room because of injuries caused by a fall. This winter, it’s important not only to take care of yourself but also to keep a close eye on those who may be more vulnerable to the winter weather.


If you’re looking for emergency medical care, we provide a variety of services including diagnostic imaging, maternity services, and heart services. To learn more about our diagnostic imaging services or other major/minor injury care services, contact us today.