It is recommended that you schedule your child’s first dental examination at six months old. Visiting the dentist regularly is critical for monitoring your child’s growth and development. Examples of the procedures are detailed in a YouTube video titled “A Child’s Visit to the Dentist – An Educational Video for Children.

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Dentists examine the jaws, gums, oral tissue, and the overall growth and development of the teeth. Depending on the dentist’s findings, they may recommend cleaning and polishing to remove any stains, tartar, or plaque.

While your dentist can clean your child’s teeth, they can also recommend at-home cleaning methods and procedures. Flossing is a safe and effective method of cleaning the home for young children. Additionally, fluoride can be effective when directed by a dental professional. X-rays may be used to determine decay for diagnostic purposes. However, it is uncommon in young children.

Visiting a dentist enables you to keep track of your dental health, which may be beneficial in the event of future illness. Make routine dental appointments for your child.