With mental health finally getting the attention and awareness it deserves, you’ve probably heard the topic of therapy mentioned frequently. You may have even been suggested or encouraged to seek a therapist for yourself if you struggle with anxiety, depression, or another mental illness. But the idea can be scary. And with so many therapists out there, how could you ever narrow your search down to one?

The truth is that choosing someone to open up to is a very big deal.

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It’s ok if you’re feeling nervous about it. But try to look at therapy as a privilege. It allows you the opportunity to work through your mental issues and blocks so that you can live your happiest and healthiest life. Many people don’t have access to therapy. So to lessen the hesitation you may have about attending therapy, you should view it as a privilege and a wonderful opportunity to better your life.

Anxiety and depression are rough, but a therapist can really help. Finding a therapist in your area is a great step in the direction toward wellness and inner peace.