The short video clip gives important tips on what to look for when choosing primary care physicians.

A key trait of a physician is to make a patient feel welcome and comfortable at their first meeting. Primary care physicians who don’t exude warmth and friendship make patients clam up and not open up about what is ailing them.

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A patient has the right to reject a physician who makes him feel uneasy. There is a large pool of doctors to choose from, and a patient can look for an alternative physician in the following ways.

• Recommendations from family and friends based on their personal experience.

• A patient can do their research on the internet. Caution has to be taken when browsing online websites: Not all the information found online is true.

• The Nevada State Medical Board provides a list of physicians located in the area on request. The information provided usually includes their background and history in medical practice.

• Information on various primary care physicians can be found on websites of reputable organizations, for example,