Patients who suffer from an injury or illness that limits their ability to move or perform daily life tasks will often want to find out how to recover those abilities. One issue that some people have is that they don’t have a care team that believes in their ability to heal. The team at each Select Medical Rehabilitation Hospital understands that a patient’s frame of mind plays a primary role in their success in rehabilitation.

Anyone who’s working to overcome limitations caused by an injury or illness deserves to have a team of professionals behind them that’s willing to motivate them to do their best. That team should understand that what’s a limitation for one person is a challenge that someone else will beat.

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As part of regular care with Select Medical Rehabilitation Hospitals, patients undergo evaluations. The team sets goals for them. As each goal is met, a reevaluation is performed and a new goal is set. This rehabilitation facility works hard to ensure that each patient has a realistic care plan so they can achieve their best day in and day out.