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Anyone with chronic medical conditions or concerns understands how expensive the medical field really is. If you require any type of medical equipment, you are likely to pay a lot for it. This is especially true if you do not have health insurance. However, even with health insurance, co payment prices can be very high. One common condition among Americans is difficulty with sleeping. There are many reasons for sleep disturbances, but for some, a lack of oxygen and breathing capabilities occurs during sleep. For most people, it wakes them up. For obvious reasons, this is a positive thing, but it can severely affect the quality and length of sleep for a person. CPAP machines, or continuous positive airway pressure machines can assist people with getting the necessary amount of oxygen during their sleep.

Sleep apnea is prevalent in as many as an estimated 18 million Americans. Sleep apnea can be scary for both the person suffering with it and for the loved ones in the home. Sleep is supposed to be about relaxation and comfort. However, the relaxation and comfort of sleep is lost when you do not get enough oxygen during sleep. A lack of oxygen for too long can lead to much more serious of medical concerns. A CPAP machine is a machine that is hooked up to the person. It identifies when the levels of oxygen are reducing to a dangerous level. It then adjusts and turns on, providing the person with the needed oxygen levels. The auto adjustment of the machine can take some getting used to, but with frequent use, sleep apnea sufferers can get a good night of sleep.

Many people who could benefit from CPAP machines do not use them. Many others who have access to CPAP machines do not use them enough to be safe. As many as 80% of patients who say they use their CPAP machine do not use it enough to keep them safe. It is possible that they need a newer CPAP machine or CPAP supplies to increase the comfort of the CPAP machine. Additionally, the CPAP settings may need to be adjusted for comfort and for safety.

A person who wants to try a CPAP machine or wants a newer one for comfort should consult with their medical professional. Buying or selling used CPAP machines is possible and many people do this to save money. Buying or selling used CPAP machines should still be consulted with your medical professional to ensure that it is still working properly and that it fits your specific sleep apnea needs. Individuals can find others buying and selling used CPAP machines online or through their medical office. The physician can likely point you in the direction of those buying or selling used CPAP machines.

Some patients may find that insurance covers some of the costs of the CPAP machines. However, for best results and continued insurance coverage, patients should use CPAP at least 70% of the time over a 30 day period, for least 4 hours every night. Insurance companies do not want to pay for any CPAP machines or supplies that are not helping or that are not continuously used. CPAP machines for sale may also be found through your insurance company.

Choosing the best CPAP machine and CPAP supplies will depend on your individual comfort and sleep apnea needs. The best CPAP mask is one that fits you properly and is comfortable. If you feel it too much, you are likely to not wear it often or to push it off during your sleep. The CPAP mask should be viewed by your medical professional, again, to ensure that it fits properly and that it provides you with enough oxygen levels.

Many Americans suffer with sleep apnea. This can be very dangerous. CPAP machines can identify when oxygen levels reduce and when additional oxygen is needed. However, even with the benefits of CPAP machines, many people do not use them frequently enough to help. You can purchase used and new CPAP machines and CPAP supplies for discounted prices. Buying or selling used CPAP machines can provide patients with discounts, but the quality and effectiveness should be inspected.