Laser liposuction

If you want to lose some weight, you aren’t alone — almost everyone wants to lose at least a little bit of weight at some point in their adult lives, whether it’s just some extra baby weight or it’s a result of too many potato chips and beers!

The first thing, and the most important thing, is to talk with a doctor and/or nutritionist to make sure that you’re on track with creating a healthy lifestyle. Everyone’s body is a little bit different, so naturally no one diet and exercise regimen will be perfect for everyone.

But if you’ve started eating healthier and exercising regularly and you’re still having trouble losing those extra pounds, there’s one option that has grown in popularity over the past few years — and for some pretty good reasons — and it might just be the perfect weight loss option for you. Here are a few key points about cryolipolysis treatments, and how this body contouring treatment works:

  • Cryolipolysis is often called CoolSculpting, and you may have even heard it referred to as a “fat freezing treatment.” It’s a great liposuction alternative because it’s non-invasive, it’s not painful, there’s very little downtime, and it works best when you’re already living a healthy lifestyle.

  • Cryolipolysis uses the concept of fat freezing technology, which targets specific regions of the body where fat is prevalent. This treatment works best for anyone looking to lose a few extra pounds, usually between five and 10 lbs.

  • Fat freezing is a process where a specific region on the body is targeted with a device that stays at a cool and constant temperature; the device is cold enough to freeze excess fat cells, but warm enough so that the skin isn’t harmed and frostbite doesn’t occur.

  • The treatment usually takes an hour (sometimes closer to two), and it’s typical to see results within a few weeks, although full results may take a couple of months.

  • After the cells freeze and die, the body begins removing the dead cells slowly. Slower weight loss allows the body to adjust — which is one of the biggest benefits of using liposuction alternatives to lose weight!

Losing weight can be tricky — but if you’re insecure about your body, you have no reason not to find out more and see if cryolipolysis is right for you.