Many Small Businesses Report Managing Employee Benefits With Online Software

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Although the landscape of American health care has changed considerably in the past few years — the Affordable Care Act of 2010 mandated that companies with more than 50 employees offer health benefits to all staff — the majority of smaller businesses are also willing to offer employees attractive benefits packages.

About 60% of smaller businesses do offer paid sick days to full-time staff, and many employees report that their benefits packages are a major factor when deciding where to work and how long to stay.… Read More...

What You Should Know About Chiropratic Education

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Many people, while they know of chiropractors, have never been to one. They don’t know much about them at all in fact, other than the fact that they can treat back problems. However, chiropractic consultants can help with all issues involving the neuromusculoskeletal system. This system includes nerves, bones, muscles, ligaments, and tendons. They treat these problems using spinal adjustments, manipulation, and other technique. Before being certified to do all of this though, they must go through schooling.

There are four basic steps of training for chiropractors: undergraduate schooling, graduate schooling, becoming a licensed professional, and then opening a practice or beginning work within a practice.… Read More...

Are You Wasting Thousands on Emergency Room Visits? Urgent Care is an Option

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When an emergency arises, many Americans go to the nearest Emergency Room for treatment. However, there is a growing trend among people who are looking for emergency treatment: after hours urgent care facilities usually provide a wide array of services and many patients cite lower costs and shorter wait times.

In the last seven years, the number of after hours urgent care facilities has increased to over 9,000 separate clinics. Many are open for longer hours than doctors’ offices and, surprisingly, about half of all urgent care centers are physician-owned.… Read More...

Online HR Software Can Save Money In Surprising Ways

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In the famous children’s cartoon “The Jetsons,” the titular family had a robot maid. For decades, futurists have been dreaming about the fantastic ways technology and computers could change our lives for good. And while we still haven’t mastered the flying car, modern life has exceeded many futurists’ wildest dreams. Unfortunately, it’s far too easy to take these advances for granted.

But thanks to the cloud, enterprises have access to a dizzying array of software at the push of a button.… Read More...

3 Poisonous Plants and How They Affect Your Body

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While most of the plants we see every day are harmless, there are many wild plants that are dangerous to human beings. These plants can cause a variety of conditions, and some are even dangerous enough to cause death. Here are a few of the most common poisonous plants, what they do, and how to identify them.


This type of plant grows up to three feet tall, and are adorned with dropping flowers of purple, pink, or white. The leaves from there plants are a source of commercial heart medicines, and can affect the rate of your heart beat.… Read More...

Three Businesses That Can Gain an Advantage With Their Own Skin Care Line

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Private label skin care manufactures offer customized versions of different skin care products that can be branded in just about any way. Companies use private labeling in order to grow their company brand by offering their clients the products they want. But who can benefit from a private label skin care line? Here are three businesses that can use private label skin care to help extend their company reach.


Private label skin care brands are one of the best forms of supplemental income for doctors.… Read More...

Life After Sleep Apnea– How to Thrive After Your Diagnoses

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Are you one of the 18 million Americans diagnosed with sleep apnea? Sleep apnea is a medical condition in which the airways are blocked while you sleep, interrupting your ability to get sufficient rest, and leading to other serious health conditions.

Even if you haven’t been diagnosed with sleep apnea, you might be among the 2%-4% of people who live with it but are not diagnosed. If find yourself constantly exhausted, awaking in the middle of slumber gasping for air, or snoring loudly, you should probably talk to a doctor about a potential sleep apnea diagnoses.… Read More...


Why Isn’t My Acne Clearing Up?

According to the American Academy of Dermatology, about 50 million people in America suffer from acne. It is the most common skin condition in the world. Commonly thought to be a teenage problem, about 25% of adults experience it.

Acne outbreak causes include wearing headgear, hormone levels, stress, fingering or picking at pimples, using greasy face products, and certain foods. Although chocolate is thought to cause acne, no studies back this up. Skim milk, sugar, and whey protein may cause acne on face and neck.… Read More...