Mobile human resources software

Although the landscape of American health care has changed considerably in the past few years — the Affordable Care Act of 2010 mandated that companies with more than 50 employees offer health benefits to all staff — the majority of smaller businesses are also willing to offer employees attractive benefits packages.

About 60% of smaller businesses do offer paid sick days to full-time staff, and many employees report that their benefits packages are a major factor when deciding where to work and how long to stay. Most full-time employees do receive benefits that include sick time, with many companies offering benefits like family leave to both male and female employees.

Group health insurance plans can provide medication assistance
, long-term hospital stays, and even family leave: employee benefits for small business employees can be as attractive as those offered at much larger companies. Although most part-time employees are not offered full benefits, some companies do allow part-timers to accrue some vacation time.

Managing employee benefits can either be done by a human resources employee within the company, utilizing online HR software, or may be outsourced to a company that provides HR software solutions and human resource benefits administration. Human resources remains a growing field and there are frequent reports about the need for more HR specialists.

Some larger businesses employ more than one human resources specialist, while some online businesses look toward more mobile human resources software for their HR needs. Online human resources software may fit better with the budget of a small business that is better able to manage employee benefits with low-cost software and minimal outside guidance.

Many companies are looking to upgrade their HR management software: about six out of every 10 businesses report that they intend to upgrade existing HR systems in the next two years in order to improve their effectiveness in managing employee benefits.

When employees expect a benefits package that includes paid sick leave, family leave, paid time off, and “flex time” to help them manage outside commitments, most small businesses are more than willing to respond.