Over 50% Of All Serious Falls Happen In The Home Accessibility Standards For Our Aging Population

Accessibility means different things to different people.

For one person it could mean the ability to climb a flight of stairs without fear of pain. For another it can mean being able to use their bathroom without slipping. With today’s definition of accessibility shifting as the population ages, our standards need to use a combination of consideration and advanced technology if everyone is to be on the same page. The Bruno vehicle chair, aluminum wheelchair ramp and bathroom fall may all be different products for different people, but they have the same foundation.… Read More...

The Benefits Of A FUE Hair Transplant

Balding is not uncommon in most men after a certain age. After all, statistics show that at least thirty five million men in the United States are at some stage of balding, though in many of these men the balding is still unnoticeable (it takes up to half of the hair to be gone before it becomes visible to any outward person other than the man himself). By the time man reaches the age of thirty five, he will more likely than not be in the beginning stages of balding.… Read More...

How To Live With A Catheter

Kidney and bladder problems are not uncommon for many people throughout the United States, and they can present with a range of symptoms, from lymphedema to issues with chronic pain. As people live longer and longer (in 2010, more than five million people in the United States alone lived to be eighty five years of age or even older and by 2050, the number of those living past eighty five will jump to include five percent of the total population, nearly twenty million Americans), bladder problems become more and more prevalent as some, though not all, bladder conditions increase in rate and severity with age.… Read More...

The Importance of a Phase 3 Drug Trial

According to the International Federation of Pharmaceutical Manufacturers and Associations, the global pharmaceutical industry is trending upwards. They have revealed that they project the global pharmaceutical industry to reach a value of $1.43 trillion by the year of 2020. As a result, there is no doubt that the phase 3 drug trial will rise in importance as well because these companies must make sure their drugs are safe for consumption.

The United States patent term for new drugs is 20 years, and patented drugs are eligible for five years of market exclusivity, which depends on the time between patent approval and the United States Food and Drug Administration approval.… Read More...

How To Choose A Walk-in Urgent Care Center

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What Are The Benefits of A Walk In Urgent Care Center?

    If you are someone (or know someone) who requires medical attention or may require medical attention at some point, consider the benefits of a walk in urgent care center. When it comes to urgent care facilities, there are so many benefits that make them a great option should you need a doctor. Consider, that there are numerous locations and they offer many similar services as a 24-hour emergency center.

Do You Know Someone Addicted To Alcohol? Here Are Some Resources That Can Help

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Addiction isn’t an obvious thing. It sneaks up on you, little by little, and takes your life away piece by piece.

Many Americans today are familiar with this silent struggle, attempting to live their best life while under the boot of alcoholism and opioid dependence. Admitting there’s a problem can be an incredibly difficult step, much less reaching out to drug abuse centers to apply for a session. Change, however, is more than possible. Today drug rehabilitation uses a smart combination of group support, lifestyle changes and medication to give people’s lives back to them.… Read More...

Understand What Will Happen In Your Liposuction Procedure

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Every year, Americans get cosmetic surgery to help them look and perform at their best. In 2015 there were almost 16 million such procedures in the United States, which was an increase of 2% over the year before. The top procedures performed that year were breast augmentation and liposuction. If you’ve ever wondered about the liposuction procedure and whether it might be for you, read on for details about how a liposuction procedure is performed.

Who Gets Lipo?

Diet and exercise are the right way to get most weight loss done, but they cannot always get rid of the most stubborn fat.… Read More...