Accessibility means different things to different people.

For one person it could mean the ability to climb a flight of stairs without fear of pain. For another it can mean being able to use their bathroom without slipping. With today’s definition of accessibility shifting as the population ages, our standards need to use a combination of consideration and advanced technology if everyone is to be on the same page. The Bruno vehicle chair, aluminum wheelchair ramp and bathroom fall may all be different products for different people, but they have the same foundation.

Mobility resources are becoming more varied and flexible than ever. How could they potentially enhance your quality of life?

Weather Ramps

Stairs are very widely used. Unfortunately, this also boasts the problem of cutting off a large portion of the population unable to use these effectively. Today over 50 million Americans live with a disability, some physical and some mental. Weather ramps can be installed in front of the home or within the home to provide better ease of use for those relying on a Bruno vehicle chair or electric scooter.

Door Openers

Easy accessibility to one person can be an arduous task for another. Many American homes today are not well-equipped to accommodate people with disabilities or elderly persons. By the time 2030 arrives older adults will account for over 20% of the American population, making it imperative interior design changes its approach. Door openers can be installed to rely less on a twist of the wrist while still being easy to grab at a distance.

Elderly Lift Assist Devices

The Bruno vehicle chair is a staple for many today. Over six million Americans rely on assist devices to get where they need to go, whether it’s a trip to the store or across their house. The Bruno lifts made today are designed to support people of all shapes and sizes, better paired with an all-weather ramp and a dependable handicap automatic door to make daily life more comfortable. Not only are accessibility standards necessary for ease of access…they can even save lives.

Bathroom Grab Bars

Slips and falls are serious. They can even be deadly. It’s estimated an older adult will be treated in the emergency room for a slip and fall every 11 seconds in the United States and, according to a recent study, over 50% of all falls take place in the home. The bathroom is particularly dangerous due to its slippery floors and often poorly designed handles. A 2016 Aging In Place Report offered by HomeAdvisor found nearly 50% of homeowners over the age of 55 stating the bathroom is the first place they want to renovate.

Compact Stairlift

Elderly independence relies on a mixture of sound interior design and accessible technology. The compact stairlift is necessary for any who use a Bruno lift chair and need to make sure they can move around their home without standing or walking. The same 2016 Aging In Place report saw home service professionals stating their top aging-in-place projects have been installing grab bars and adding ramps or lifts to aid with electric chairs. A compact stairlift should also have a custom bent rail for additional ease.

Accessibility isn’t the same to everyone. Everyone, however, should have accessible standards in their own home.