Emf protection jewelry

We take for granted the presence of electromagnetic waves in our environment. Whether it’s through the wireless phones emitting radiation 24 hours a day even when we are not using them, to the increased presence of cell towers throughout communities that expose children to radio frequency 1000 times greater than even existed 20 to 25 years ago, we have come to accept an incredibly high level of electromagnetic activity around us. While the advantages of these technologies are indeed ample, they have caused problems for those of us who experience a high amount of electromagnetic sensitivity.
Given that we cannot all go move to an off-the-grid oasis, what can someone with electromagnetic sensitivity do? There are a variety of ways to block EMF, or electromagnetic frequencies. One of the most common and trusted methods of electromagnetic radiation protection is that of the bioelectric shield. Bioelectric shields deflect and neutralize harmful electromagnetic radiation around your body. They are available in the form of necklaces, as well as options that offer full body protection.
For those still not convinced of EMF dangers, the following statistics may offer some clarity. According to a 2012 study, chronic EMF exposure produced physiological stress in cells after only a year and a half. Another 2012 study demonstrated that only four hours of Wi-Fi level laptop exposure could still result in decreased sperm viability. Furthermore, children whose mothers used cell phones during pregnancy had 25% more emotional problems, 35% more hyperactivity, 49% more conduct problems, and 34% more peer problems than other children. Finally, adults ages 81 to 91 with short-term exposure to GSM cell phone radiation reported headache, neurological problems, sleep, and concentration problems.
This demonstrates that the problems of electromagnetic sensitivity are not specific to one age or cultural group, but are a product of the very devices and technology themselves. For those of us who have no choice but to live in proximity to such electromagnetic energy, buying an EMF shield may be the only way of keeping ourselves intact and pure from this contamination.
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