Is Our Technology Making Us Ill?

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Even though computers and cell phones have become an indispensable part of our lives, they may be emitting harmful radiation that has a negative impact on our health. Many people, especially empaths or people with greater electromagnetic sensitivity, report feeling uncomfortable and even ill around computers. Parents are increasingly concerned about the welfare of their children in the vicinity of cell phone towers.
Scientists are just beginning to study the effects of exposure to different types of radiation produced by electricity transmissions and wireless devices, and the results are not comforting.… Read More...

The Unknown Dangers of Electromagnetic Field Exposure

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An electromagnetic field is the physical field produced by electrically charged objects such as laptops, cellphones, and electromagnets of course. Although you cannot see an electromagnetic field (EMF), studies have found that EMFs may be linked to several health concerns; bioelectromagnetics is the study of the relationship between organic beings and EMFs. Here is how families around the world address the question of electromagnetic radiation protection.

Unknown EMF Dangers

When most people picture radiation, they tend to think of the devastating exposure to nuclear fallout that follows an atomic blast.… Read More...