Bioelectric shield

Even though computers and cell phones have become an indispensable part of our lives, they may be emitting harmful radiation that has a negative impact on our health. Many people, especially empaths or people with greater electromagnetic sensitivity, report feeling uncomfortable and even ill around computers. Parents are increasingly concerned about the welfare of their children in the vicinity of cell phone towers.
Scientists are just beginning to study the effects of exposure to different types of radiation produced by electricity transmissions and wireless devices, and the results are not comforting. For people with electromagnetic sensitivity, or vulnerable groups like children, targeted protection devices and EMF blockers can help to prevent exposure to harmful radiation.

Is your smartphone making you ill?
Our reliance on electricity and wireless technology may be making us ill. These devices produce electromagnetic fields (EMF) that have a harmful effect on human health. Many people have experienced headaches, trouble sleeping and concentrating on work, and neurological problems after exposure to cell phone radiation. A study of children and adolescents in the age group 8 to 17 years conducted in 2010 found that even short-term exposure to EMFs results in headaches, irritation, and difficulty in concentrating in school.

Who will protect us from our technology?
Most people know enough to keep their smartphones at least one inch away from their faces while using them, but scientists believe it may not prevent exposure to radiation. Our cell phones and wireless devices even emit radiation when they are not being used. As more and more scientific studies prove the harmful effects of EMFs, scientists are increasingly concerned.
In 2015, a group of more than 190 scientists from 40 countries took the step of asking the U.N. and the World Health Organization (WHO) to look into ways and means of providing for greater protection from against radiation. It is specially important to protect children, empaths, and people who spend long hours working on the computer.

Protection devices for electromagnetic sensitivity
If you’re wondering how to block EMFs, you may want to try bioelectric shields. Devices offering full body protection, room shields, home and auto protection can eliminate the harmful effects of EMF and boost your natural energy. Different levels of protection provide EMF blocking for a room or your car, the whole house, children, heavy computer users and people with electromagnetic sensitivity.
EMF blockers usually consist of a device that can be plugged in, along with a pendant on a necklace that must be worn by the person to be protected. While many people have been skeptical about the value of EMF blockers, they find that when they actually use them, their energy levels peak and the negativity just vanishes.