In The United States, medical professionals, fitness gurus, physical fitness entrepreneurs, and personal trainers, encourage physical activity of some sort. In fact, for improved cardiovascular health, medical professionals recommend that individuals engage in 30 minutes of exercise for five days out of the week. Additionally, sports stores offer various fitness equipment for those who exercise, or individuals who are just beginning to engage in physical activity. Individuals can purchase two kinds of equipment to utilize, cardio equipment and strength equipment. Regardless of if you choose walking, running, equipment, the gym, home fitness, or fitness classes of any sort- there are many benefits of exercise. Here are some benefits of regular exercise.

Exercise Strengthens Your Heart

To begin, your heart is a muscle! Since it’s a muscle like the muscles in your legs and arms, it’s important to work your heart. You work your leg muscles by running, doing squats, kicking in kickboxing classes, etc. You work your arm muscles by using equipment purchased at sports stores, and punching things (this is fun if you need to get your anger out!), etc. So why wouldn’t you work your heart if it’s a muscle just like other body parts? When you exercise, and simultaneously work your heart, you’re making your heart stronger. Making your heart stronger helps it pump blood throughout your body better. Essentially, it makes your heart more efficient!

It Strengthens The Lungs

Similar to your heart, exercise also helps strengthen the lungs. Aerobic exercise (cardio), HIIT workouts, and running help your lungs become stronger. When you exercise at an accelerated pace, your lungs work hard and eventually improve their endurance. Additionally, strengthening your lungs makes breathing easier.

It Helps With Weight Loss

Technically, exercise helps specifically with fat loss. Aerobic exercise (cardio) helps with fat loss. Walking, running, swimming, cycling, and various exercise classes all count as cardio. So, how does cardio exercise help with weight, or fat loss? You burn calories when you engage in physical activity! Burning calories helps lose weight, and you should burn more calories than you consume in order to do so. Let’s start running!

Lifting Weights or using equipment from sports stores also helps burn calories. Lifting weights is considered resistance training. Resistance training helps you increase your muscle strength and the amount of muscle you have. The most important result from lifting weights is you burn calories all day. Burning calories around the clock, helps with weight loss! Ready to lift some weights? You can find equipment at sports stores!

It Increases Energy

Remember that exercise strengthens your heart and your lungs. Well, this contributes to an increase in energy that you’ll feel when you exercise. When you engage in physical activity on a daily basis, you’re increasing the blood flow throughout your body. You’re also strengthening your cardiovascular system and health. In doing so, more blood and oxygen flow and enter the body, which gives you your energy! An increase in energy means that you’ll be able to do more of your work successfully!

It Helps With Relaxation and Sleep

Do you struggle to relax or fall asleep at night? Exercise will help with this! Exercise assists with anxiety. When you exercise, work every muscle, and work up a sweat, your body releases anti-anxiety responses. Additionally, exercise pumps endorphins throughout your body. It makes you feel good! If you practice yoga, it relaxes your nervous system, and lowers your blood pressure; you’ll feel calm throughout an entire session. So, after exercise, you’ll feel relaxed. Exercise improves sleep because after physical activity, it’s easy for your body to enter a deep sleep. Also, exercise increases your time spent in deep sleep as opposed to lighter stages of sleep.

Get your blood flowing and your heart pumping! It’s time to exercise!