Kidney health tips

As we grow older, and move through different phases in our lives, our health needs change. For example, health tips for seniors are similar, but also slightly different than those that are relevant to teenagers, or pregnant women. Our bodies are constantly in flux, and so knowing what they need to be as healthy as possible is important when you enter a new stage of your life, such as pregnancy, or seniority. Here are health tips for several different stages of life that might be useful either to yourself or a loved one.

Health tips for seniors.

Did you know that one out of every four older Americans suffers from malnutrition? That makes for about 3.7 million seniors in the country who are at risk for illness, weakness, depression, and memory issues. Shopping smarter, spicing up bland foods, visiting a dietitian, and taking supplements are all important senior health tips. According to the Mayo Clinic, other health tips for seniors include getting regular exercise, at least 30 minutes a day! Swimming is one excellent form of low-impact exercise for seniors.

Health tips for pregnant women.

For pregnant women, changes in hormones and the body can drastically affect dental health. Some women develop gingivitis, and others develop “granulomas” which are small, but temporary, tumors in the mouth or lips. Avoiding sugar, getting proper nutrition, and talking to your dentist about your changing needs are all important. Health during this time is primarily linked towards nutrition. Doctors recommend supplements, and whole foods rich in folic acid, calcium, iron, and vitamin D to support the health of yourself and your baby.

Health tips for students.

Whether you are a student in college or middle school, you are subject to certain health risks, mainly surrounding nutrition, stress, and illness. Kids health tips for younger students include making sure to eat a balanced breakfast. Whether it is composed of traditional breakfast foods or not is not important, only that several food groups are represented and enjoyed before school begins. For college students, the Rutgers Division of Student Affairs recommends that nutrition, physical activity, mental health, and illness prevention are a priority. Exercise can help encourage better nutrition, relieve stress, and improve mental health, so try joining a sport, or biking or walking to class if possible.

Staying healthy is important no matter your gender, age, or physical situation. Health Care costs in America are still in flux and researchers point towards the fact that preventative health measures are less costly than the prescribed cures once you run into health problems. Remember that nutrition and exercise are primary tenants of good health, and to look for health tips to help you reach your health goals.