Health Tips to Help Students, Seniors, and Pregnant Women

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As we grow older, and move through different phases in our lives, our health needs change. For example, health tips for seniors are similar, but also slightly different than those that are relevant to teenagers, or pregnant women. Our bodies are constantly in flux, and so knowing what they need to be as healthy as possible is important when you enter a new stage of your life, such as pregnancy, or seniority. Here are health tips for several different stages of life that might be useful either to yourself or a loved one.… Read More...

Three Health Tips That Can Help Your Entire Family

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Did you know that heart disease, which kills about 17.3 million people worldwide every year, is one of the largest public health burdens? Yet reducing your risk can be as simple as taking a 30 minute walk everyday. Are you looking for general health tips? Staying healthy doesn’t have to be complicated. Here are three top health tips that you can incorporate into your everyday life, or that of your family’s.

1. Hair Health Tips

Did you know that your hair is healthiest when you’re in your 20s, according to a recent article in the La Times?Read More...

Essential Baby Health Tips for New Parents

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Parenthood is a commitment that requires more time, energy, and responsibility than any other area, or time, in the lives of mothers and fathers. Feeding, washing, cleaning, and caring for an infant rests solely upon them; and for first time parents, this thought can be truly terrifying. To further complicate matters, 35 percent of American children live in single parent households. Obviously, this makes caring for a baby all the more challenging. Luckily, there are more resources and baby health tips than ever to help smooth the road for all parents.… Read More...

Health Literacy The Startling Epidemic

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There is a communication crisis in this country, and it is costing us billions of dollars, as well as our happiness, our health, and possibly our lives.

When your doctor gives you your diagnosis, and hands you some “helpful” reading material that is so steeped in medical jargon that you can barely understand two our of every five words…this is beyond simply being unhelpful, and easily venturing into dangerous territory, and even into the realm of the negligent. By not providing you adequate explanations of your condition, symptoms, treatment, and options, your physician is failing to “first do no harm”.… Read More...

Use a Health Video to Achieve Your Goals

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Many people today are striving to achieve a more healthy lifestyle. We are doing this through improving our diets, as well as increasing our exercise levels. These are the first steps to getting more healthy. However, some of us get stuck when it comes to actually implementing strategies to improve our health. A health video or two may help.

Health videos can provide not only the information we are looking for, but how to actually use that information. A free health video can have a range of topics.… Read More...

Learn About Health with Health Videos

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What if all you needed to do to learn about a health related topic was sit down and watch a video? That is possible with the help of health videos. Health videos present a variety of health related topics in an easy to understand video format.

People are typically visual learners. This means they retain information better when it has been presented in a video format. Health videos can present a variety of information ranging from new trends in dietary needs to exercises and illnesses in an easy to understand visual format.… Read More...

The Best Free Health Videos Can Help You Learn

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If you care about your family’s health and want to make sure that they are fit and well, you can watch free health videos. By watching health videos, you will be able to get a variety of tips to help you and your family be as healthy as possible. Watching the right videos can keep you informed on a variety of health topics. Whether you are looking for information on general health issues, or an actual ailment, you can find a video that you can watch.… Read More...

Use Public Health Videos to Help Patients Understand

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It’s a word that holds great meaning for healthcare professionals. It is usually used in a negative connotation, meaning that a patient has failed to comply with instructions for care or medication protocols. In other words, the patient left the healthcare facility and didn’t take the meds on time or at all, and didn’t follow the advice and instructions of the professionals.

Compliance issues are frustrating and complex.

But here’s a suggestion: use public health videos to increase your patients’ understanding of their health issues and what you, as the professional, are trying to do to make them feel better.… Read More...