Navigating the healthcare system can be a challenge for anyone. In addition to the confusion of copays, deductibles and finding in-network providers, many people struggle with the choice between their primary care provider, a walk-in clinic or the emergency room.

But did you know that choosing to go to a walk-in clinic can save you time, money and stress? Compared to your primary care provider or the emergency room, walk-in clinics are more affordable, more accessible and provide the same quality healthcare.

Here are three common health procedures that can be performed at an urgent care this fall:

Flu shots

For many people, the start of fall is the start of flu season. Because the flu virus changes and mutates each year, it’s important to make sure you and your family get the flu shot each fall at the start of flu season. Anywhere from 5 to 20% of Americans get the flu each year, and nearly all of these cases could be prevented. Best of all? Under your health insurance, the flu shot is free — and at urgent care clinics, you don’t need to schedule an appointment ahead of time.

Cold relief

The common cold is just that — common. It’s estimated that Americans get 1 billion colds each year. And while there’s no cure for the common cold, your local walk-in clinic can recommend different remedies to help make your cold less severe, such as decongestants and sore throat prescriptions.

Sports physicals

If you have children in school sports, you can bring them to a walk-in clinic to get their annual sports physicals performed. Because urgent care clinics have a practicing physician on staff, you can be confident that these physicals will be as good as any done by your primary care provider. Just be sure to get a physician’s note that your child can bring to his or her coach!

In a season known for allergies, colds, the flu and more, it’s crucial to safeguard your health this fall. And when there are few places that offer more convenient health care than a walk-in clinic, it only makes sense to go there for your healthcare needs this season.